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My name is Junelia Aguiar, more often called June, my favorite month of the year. I have worked through childhood traumas & depression for 10 years of my life, through intense transformational processes & retreats. I was & still am blessed to have wonderful teachers & mentors on my journey. Along the way, I learnt meditation, reiki & breathwork, healing processes very close to my heart as I know how much it helped me transform my life & come into my own divinity & light. I continue to learn & be reborn with new knowledge & process. 

Today, I choose to serve you, my fellow humans to guide you in healing & finding your divinity & light, that you may go forth with strength of heart to better serve & heal our families & our communities where needed. 

15 years on, it is a deep journey that I share with you. I am a guide that will walk by your side to support you as you navigate the light & shadow aspects of what you have collected in your physical & spiritual experience, helping you uphold the accountability that is needed to find your truth & walk in sovereignty. I guide you on the path of love, reminding you that you are creation itself. Thus, enabling us to reclaim our ‘power of spirit’ back, nurturing our mother earth, all beings & ourselves & building a New Earth. . 

Sacred Healing Movement was born to assist individuals, families, communities heal. 

We offer individual coaching and mentorship, breathwork sessions, reiki healing, meditations, workshops, mindful-living events. 

My Mission

My mission is to create safe space for you.

I work with the three E’s: 


ENCOURAGE- I encourage you to explore the depth of your heart & go beyond your human experience

EMPOWER- I empower you to rise your vibrations & tap into your Divinity, become limitless.

EVOKE- I evoke your inner wisdom & ability to lean into your own light & use it to elevate every aspect of your life.

Together, we bridge the gap between Spirituality and the Human Experience.

Together, We Rise. 


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