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Be the love that you are
Live in your divinity  
​Live in absolute harmony & freedom

About Elevate

Junelia has been a Reiki Master, Meditation & Mindset transformation facilitator for over 6 years now. Having gone through her own transformational training for 8 years, she discovered the magic & benefits of living from the heart. Her journey led her to a deep heart opening experience that brought clarity to what she needed to live in happiness, peace & absolute love. Now a breathwork facilitator for trauma release, Junelia's intention is to guide as many people into connecting with the deepest part of their being & transform their lives so that they may live & breathe with ease & in absolute harmony with the world around them.


We all rise together.


About Elevate

This deep dive journey into your heart is sacred work that requires will & courage to release all that does not serve you & transform your life, just like a lotus that grows in muddy water, only to blossom into its own, with a sweet smell & absolute beauty. 


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